Shifa’s Story

Rema, a busy mother of two, went to see her GP as she had started feeling poorly and had pains in her knees when walking. The GP did blood tests which identified that her sugar level has gone up and advised that she needed to lose weight and eat more healthy.

She asked if there was any support to help her change her life style and as a result her doctor referred her to Healthworks.

Our team contacted Reema to discuss our diabetes support programme and what was involved. Reema joined the programme and we worked 121 with her over the 12 weeks of the programme by video.

Reema told us:

By attending these session step by step, I now have a better understanding of type 2 diabetes and how it impacts on our body.

I have turned my life around as I know the complication and risk of other long term condition. I have now achieved a healthier lifestyle, eat more fruit and vegetables, cut down on junk food, sweets and sugary drinks. I exercise 30min daily, go out for run, my knee pain has disappeared too, I feel much happier and energetic too.

Just recently I have been to GP for a follow up, my doctor is very impressed as I have a lost weight and normal blood sugar level now.  He advised to carry on with what I am doing. I feel great and in control of my own health.