Become a Trustee

We have some amazing Trustees but we are always pleased to hear from others who may be interested in being a Healthworks Trustee.

Being a trustee is one of the most powerful ways in which you can contribute to your local community or to a cause you really care about. As a Healthworks Trustee, you play an integral part in the good governance of a charity, not only ensuring that Healthworks remains viable and sustainable but ensuring that we follow our aims and objectives in the interests of our beneficiaries.

While you help ensure our organisation is carrying out its purpose, acting in the law and using resources responsibly, being a Healthworks Trustee is a great volunteering opportunity that enables you to:

Put your skills and experience to use and:

Make a lasting difference to the health of local communities across the north east

  • Learn about the management and strategy side of charities
  • Work with new and interesting people from diverse backgrounds


Trustee expression of interest

If you would like more information about becoming a trustee, please get in touch.