Mary’s Story

Mary was 52 when we started work with her.  She was overweight, lacked confidence and had a sedentary lifestyle.

Mary tended to binge eat and a diet high in fat and sugar as she did not have the information or understanding to help her make good choices.

We met with Mary to undertake a NHS Check which revealed that she had high cholesterol and a high BMI.  Following this, our team offered one to one support to help Mary manage her weight using easy read food diaries and helping her understand some basic healthy eating principles.  She was also accompanied to the Healthworks Gym for ten sessions until her confidence built enough to attend on her own.

As a result her cholesterol dropped by 4 points over a three month period, she lost 12kg in weight, reduced the saturated fat and sugar in her diet by a half and established a regular healthy eating pattern.

Mary told us

“I’ve really enjoyed it and I feel like I can come on my own now.  Thank you!”