Muzna’s Story

Muzna found day to day activities very challenging and often relied on a walking stick due to the pain and fatigue caused by arthritis. A referral from Muzna’s physio to our Escape Pain programme was the start of her amazing journey.

For 6 weeks our team guided Muzna through a dedicated group-based rehabilitation programme. Along the way she was introduced to various self-management and coping strategies to help reduce her levels of joint pain and allow her to become more independently mobile.

Activities have become much easier and her self-confidence increased so much that she was able to enjoy a sightseeing holiday in Rome without the use of walking stick!

Muzna successfully completed our programme and developed friendships which she has maintained by joining our Next Steps exercise class. During lockdown Muzna supported our Healthworks community by making and delivering homemade masks.

Muzna told us
“I didn’t notice a difference until I completed Escape Pain…. I have made friends and look forward to my classes.”