Norma’s Story

Norma was becoming increasingly concerned about the decline in her health and mobility, she was 74 when she was referred to Healthworks by Primary Care.

During our initial consultation we learned that Norma felt unable to enjoy her life to the full and that she was avoiding many activities which she had previously enjoyed. Norma believed that poor strength and balance was the root cause of her lost confidence and heightened anxiety.

Over the following 27 weeks, Norma participated in our specialist group exercise programme – Staying Steady. Each week our team supported Norma with various exercises designed to increase her lower leg strength and improve her balance. Our physiotherapy partners delivered education sessions providing valuable information on topics related to falls such as how to identify and avoid hazards in the home and signposting opportunities to other helpful local services.

At the conclusion of her programme Norma had hugely improved her confidence, made fantastic improvements in her functional mobility and independence, and reduced her risk of falling.

Norma told us
“I have gained the strength and courage to do things I was unable to at the beginning of the course. I am sure that in the future many more people will benefit from this course.”